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Jun 7, - The Bike: I'll be racing the Tour Divide on a Salsa Timberjack. eTrex 20 GPS with phone backup and paper notes. .. My rear light choice is very important and I've gone for a Lezyne Zectro Drive Max for its super.

Ultimate ‘Tour Divide’ MTB: Bike-Packing Build For 2,745 Miles

There are three models to choose from: Kerry at KLite has this to say: Key Features: Uploading GPX Files.

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Download the GPX file to your computer Note where it saves it. Plug in your device.

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Open a second window so you can see the downloaded file and also the Garmin device folder in the second window. Unplug your device. Navigate to the tracks area of your device and choose the file you just transferred to your device.

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Planning Your Route. Here are just a few. Bikepacking Resource Main Page. My Proven Bikepacking Gear List.

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The inaugural race was held the 1st of July The fastest rider took less than 17 days to cycle from Quito to Cuzco. It is an ultra bikepacking race where riders must strategically choose how much time to devote to riding, resting, and refueling each day. They must ride self-supported and carry their own repair equipment, clothing and fueling.

Colorado couple who rode Great Divide Mountain Bike Route tells how to tackle the 2,800-mile trail

It is not a stage racethe clock never stops from the moment the riders leave the start to the moment that they reach the finish. Orienteering plays a major role as most of the route thf to be completed in high mountains with different dirt roads options.

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Being self-supported means that drafting is not allowed, receiving any form of support from other racers, friends, or family is not allowed; all food, accommodation, repairs, etc. The organizer provides a survival map [4] with basic information on the route recommended route, paved and unpaved sectionsa GPS tracking system to control progression and potential cheating and a road book to learn the basics of the local culture of Ecuador and Peru.

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The race's founder and main organizer is Axel Carionwho owns the world record of cycling the whole length of South America by bicycle.

Rider positions are monitored using GPS satellite-based tracker devices mounted on participants' bikes that upload their positions to the website for the participants and followers to view.

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Each participant can use an SOS function to warn the organization, in case of a life threatening situation. A media car, during the race, is dedicated to share live content from the racers' experience in the Andes and produces images and videos of their performance.

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Rules are listed on the official website. The idea of self-supported or unsupported bicycle racing is a key component, and any type of bicycle is allowed, including recumbent bicycles.

Aug 24, - Colorado couple who rode Great Divide Mountain Bike Route tells how to tackle the 2,mile trail . Q: How did you figure out your route and determine where you could get He was just following the blue line (on GPS).

One of the rider of the inaugural edition, Bernard Cauquil, winner of the Suntrip race in [9] was riding a recumbent bicycle.

The main results are summarized in the table below.

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Route and service data in. However, features are continually changing, so the data may not reflect the most current condition.

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You are solely responsible for safe navigation and the prudent use of this data. Fellow riders and Adventure Cycling staff members participate in these forums.

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Adventure Cycling Route Network U. As an example we found these topo maps really useful for planning camping and water resupply as every single creek, pond, reservoir and well is shown.

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Other navigational aids such as aerials, fences and structures are present too. BCN takes some figuring out the first time you use it, but it gives you helpful text pointers as you go and is a powerful and robust app for all things navigation including djvide GPX tracks, exporting recorded GPX tracks and creating waypoints.

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Built for motorists, Milepost is a digi-tome of detailed information for the highways, including all resupply locations, official and unofficial camp sites. The main reason we switched to this is that we did not like the topo maps for Mexico and Central America that were available for Backcountry Navigator, as much as we love the BCN app.

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Something that I like about OsmAnd is that the contour lines and map detail is very easy to read. OsmAnd is an increasingly fps tool and extra functionality is added via plug ins: It also has routing like Google Maps so you can easily navigate on the fly into a city.

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Generally for navigation in cities and big towns we also have the relevant section of g;s for Google Maps. Google tends to show more POIs, which makes finding a hotel or campsite at the end of a long day easier.

Which Digital Product is right for you?

While our phones are Android, until Colombia Hana carried an iPad with MapOut iOS installed and liked using it for pre-ride planning, usually in the evenings.

It uses Open Street Maps, but with a nice topomap style rendering and the hike are a relatively small download.

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For iPhone or iPad users, this app is a very good option. We have also carried paper maps for Mexico and Central America posted ahead to save weight from the National Geographic Adventure Travel Map series, as a backup in case of electronic failure and for planning overview.

These are very nice maps that vary significantly in scale from 1: However for main road-only cycle tourists they might be all you need.

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We would not bother with them again. There were a couple of times when these were very helpful.

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You can find them here. Coverage — or detail — provided by digital maps varies a lot. Because users can contribute to OSM, local areas and favourite biking spots are more likely to have been mapped by enthusiasts.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Race – Brian's Routes

It has similar functionality to BCN, but has the benefit of cloud integration for route planning and downloading, and a useful feature whereby you can which gps for the tour divide bike race a GPX track to your device and download the map tiles you need only along that track.

We have had a couple of situations where ground reality did not match what ibke were seeing on maps, or expecting, and having an additional map to review gave us confidence to follow an unlikely looking line.

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For most of Alaska and Canada alternative options to the highways and main roads are few: Generally we which gps for the tour divide bike race looking for dirt roads and tracks but sections of pavement are of course unavoidable at times.

Because we always look for back routes and secondary roads, those times when we mountain bike goggles over glasses end up on pavement the roads are usually very quiet.

It has a powerful and easy to use interface in the browser and is very good for route planning, allowing you to modify auto-routed routes and export as required. I particularly like that you can switch seamlessly between automatic routing while route planning, to drawing in a route over a satellite map if need be and back again.

Loveland Ski Area

Using satellite maps enables us wwhich fill in the gaps if they exist and consider all options, including hike-a-bike, to join two sections of road. It pays to do this carefully. We find pre-planning helps keep riding days flowing, when most of the navigation questions are taken off the table.

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We tend not to map larger chunks in a single file as they can get unwieldy. For our ride through Mexico and Guatemala we used the walking route option extensively and it made possible routes you could never create simply by scanning Google Earth or looking at maps.

News:Jun 24, - Before signing up for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race, I knew what I was started studying Mike Hall's GPS track, looking for his sleep time. .. The decision needed to be quick, and since I didn't decide in time, the.

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