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The updated Bont Riot MTB BOA retains Bont's heat moldable carbon sole wrapped in a grippy rubber Due to the moldable nature of Bont cycling shoe, they do not fit like traditional shoes and you may require a Choose Size choose a size.

The Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet – And Where You Can Find Them

Foot mechanics

Stack height is essentially the space between the bottom of the foot and the pedal. Power efficiently transfers through the ball of the foot and directly into the pedal.

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Feet are firmly held in place with a moldable heel cup, but toes are sjoes to move in a wide toe box. After chatting with professional and amateur athletes, we all seemed to share a similar first impression of Bonts: After one ride in the Bont Vaypor, I realized how much my foot rolled off the outsole of the S-Works, so much so that cycking of my toes had permanently pushed an indentation into the shoe.

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The Different types of bicycle handlebars cradled my foot, so instead of feeling like it was sitting on top of the outsole, my foot was firmly resting inside it.

This design instantly takes away much of the excessive pronation and supination issues cyclists face, which often leads to our need for fancy insoles how to heat mold bont cycling shoes on this later.

The shoes provide the feet with solid boundaries, though these can be pretty uncomfortable at first. The initial transition to Bonts is rough. I tto instantly in love with the pure, unadulterated power transferred directly from my legs to the pedals.

Bont Vaypor S: An All Time Classic Cycling Shoe - Bicycling Australia

But as my rides ticked over two hours, I suddenly wanted the damn shoes off my feet. They were poking in the wrong places and my feet just felt…well, tired. This mkld response is why I think so many Bonts end up tossed in the back of the closet.

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Mine did. I sang the praises of my zhoes S-Works, until I tried to wear cyclinng again and realized that my feet were shifting and shimmying best affordable mountain bike helmets in the shoe, despite how many times I ratcheted on the boa.

I tried thicker socks, adjusting my cleats, but the shoes felt floppy and I was suddenly aware of how to heat mold bont cycling shoes much road vibration my feet had to endure. Not so much — I think their key focus is the riding.

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We look after the shoe side of things. The key aspects of our shoes, in terms of shaping and anatomical and structural support, is included right across all of our range.

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No one is penalised for not being able to buy a top-level shoe. We currently have 15 models across the range.

May 20, - To help with this, Bont offers a choice of four widths—stock, narrow, wide Bont's cycling shoes have always been heat moldable thanks to the.

The UK and Asia would be our biggest markets — we do a genuine Asian-fit cycling shoe which is a niche and has proven very popular. There are two things that bind us.

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Shaping is one way around this, to work more on the shape of the base. What I try to work on is looking more at the biomechanics cycliny of it — how the bone structure and muscle structure in your foot actually behave during a pedal stroke.

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And how we can maximise what we can get out of that movement. Our latest flagship shoe sets new standards for those with a passion for dirt.

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Duralite encapsulates the outer, while a faux suede adds a soft, comfy interior. Bont recommends you use their sizing guideline and tool before selecting your size.


cyclig This is fairly easy: Go to the site, choose the shoe want, use the size wizard, and then follow the instructions. I ordered a size Initially I thought I ordered a size too big.

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But after pushing my heel to the back of the shoe and cinching the BOA dials, the fit tp great. I could feel the added arch support that Bont adds, something I got used to.

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But it did feel a bit off at the beginning. Walking in the Bonts is different as well.

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The soles are very stiff and built for on-bike use, not shuffling around your living room. Performance wise, Bont has created a monster of an off-road shoe.

Bont Vaypor and Vaypor Plus Review

Power transfer is instant, and fit is glove like. Bont designs their shoes with a very low stack height 3.

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I spent most of my Vaypor G test time in the woods on my cross country bike. I'm just trying to change the arch and it's not budging. Trouble heat molding Bont cycling shoes [sciguy] [ In reply to ] Quote Reply.

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Post 9 of 16 views. Should I go up on the temperature to see if they get pliable with a bit more heat? Post 10 of 16 views.

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I wouldn't go up in temperature but apparently it's ok to extend the heating time. I read that somewhere. Apparently if you try to warranty the shoes Bont can tell if they've been overheated.

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I'd try re moulding again after an extended heating time. If you can't get the arch low enough it might be possible to shim the insole a little. If you have really low arches or flat feet you may never be able to get the arch low enough.

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I'm not an expert but had to mould a few times to get a fit I was happy with and did a lot of googling. I was seriously considering giving up on them until I went back to using my old shoes for a few rides!

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Post 11 of 16 views. I have pretty high arches. I'm just trying to get the shape of go arch right. But like I said, It's not moving one bit.

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Post 12 of 16 views. Post 13 of 16 views.

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Do you know your oven is really getting to ? Ovens can easily be 10 or 15 degrees off.

Brand: Bont, Product: Vaypor XC Shoes. Availability: Please select options Handmade, lightweight, and heat-moldable, Bont's Vaypor XC Mountain Shoes.

Post 14 of 16 views. I stand corrected. I may need to try again.

News:So I got a pair of Bont Vaypor+ cycling shoes because of the heat molding capabilities and because my feet tend to go numb on bike rides.

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