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Feb 26, - An iPhone has the ability create this high-quality slow-motion when you shoot video. Simply select the “Slo-Mo” option when using the camera. To change the slow-motion frame rate on your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos & Camera. Then, in the Camera section, tap the text to the right of Record Slo-mo.

Tips on shooting slo-mo video with iPhone

Download the app and Sign up for Relive.

to iphone motion video slow convert

Go out and record your activity! You can record with the Relive covert or you can connect your sports tracker app like Strava or Endomondo to Relive. Now you can create your video in the Relive app add photos, notes, emojis, music, snow or create group videos.

Hit create and within minutes your video is ready to be viewed!

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ - Common Camera Settings

Why did I not receive my video? Make sure your activity is: Initially uploaded as public not private Convegt with the same account as you connected to Relive More than 1 km, activities less than 1km are not possible to generate Less than 12 hours, activities over 12 hours are reserved for Relive Club When you work with email notifications.

Can Convert video to slow motion iphone get a Relive of my old activities? Can I edit or change my Relive videos? Photos in my Relive video?

slow iphone convert video to motion

You can add photos to your video with the Relive app! What are Moments? This is how it works: Go outside and record your activity.

Go to the app and start editing your activity.

motion to iphone convert video slow

How to add videos to your Moments? Why are my photos at the end of my video? Oh no! Did all your photos turn out to be at the end of the video?

slow convert iphone to video motion

Which tracker apps can I connect to Relive? You can also record all your activities with the Relive app. Ipbone happens when I connect multiple tracker apps to Relive?

motion iphone convert to video slow

Which activities do you turn into a video? Can I change the speed of my video? That's it, you have your slow-motion video with no compression mtion p.

video iphone motion to convert slow

Florian Disterhoft Florian Disterhoft 21 2. After installing iFile free app. Could you please explain where exactly this is? Also, after importing a slo mo video from your camera roll to the iFile free it compresses the video making it a regular one.

Kind regards Mark Barner. Mark Barner Mark Barner 31 1. JimmyJammed JimmyJammed 2. Tim Tim 3 9.

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Marios Marios 1. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 2: What is the role of moderators?

to slow motion iphone video convert

There are also s,ow tools that can convert video. CloudConvert claims to handle over formats. In addition to audio and video, they include many document types. Its website is straightforward, which makes it easy to get started.

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Options are clearly labeled and there is an impressive amount of them for a web-based tool. The downside is the speed. Uploading our MB video took a long time.

Twixtor Features

After an minute wait, we got an error message that said our file was too large. CloudConvert identified the video size at the start of the process, so it could have told us then.

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We gave it another chance with a That took around 52 seconds to convert, including upload time. The output was of poor quality, though.

slow to iphone video convert motion

The default video convert video to slow motion iphone was 1, Kbps. We set it to 2, Kbps convert video to slow motion iphone ran vidoe test again. The output quality turned out better and the process was quicker at It was decent enough at converting our 20MB video, though, so it could be useful in a pinch.

We were pleased to get through the process without being bombarded by advertising or forced to register after converting the video, too. If you are patient, CloudConvert is a good way to get a conversion done. Maybe start it before you head to lunch, though, as it takes time. Online-Convert is an online conversion service that handles video, audio, images, ebooks and even web services.


8 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for iPhone & Android - Freemake

The layout is basic with a good selection of output formats. You can also target motioon device for output and have the settings adjusted accordingly. Its website looks plain and is functional rather than attractive.

After selecting our output options and our file, we clicked the convert button.

video iphone slow convert to motion

It sent us to a sign-up page where we were told our MB video was above the limit for free conversion. The monthly option, for example, comes with a MB size limit.

slow to motion iphone convert video

Since we like to watch the purse strings, we decided to go back and try the smaller video we prepared for testing CloudConvert. The output quality was acceptable given the size of the input video.

motion slow video iphone to convert

We tested that with our 20MB video. Uploading it took a minute or so again, but convert video to slow motion iphone took longer. You get a message telling you it may take a while, though.

Our video took 10 minutes, 25 seconds to convert to 8K. Both the online tools do their job reasonably well, but it takes time to upload videos to them and there are size limits to consider. What if you forgot your email password most cases, downloading and setting up an offline application will be faster than uploading your video to an online service. It cnvert also a good choice for smartphone users.

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Just check motoin the pricing and limitations before deciding what to use. Not long ago video conversion meant a lengthy wait while your computer strained like an old man going up a long flight of stairs, so we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to do on a modern system. Choosing the right tool is important, though.

to motion iphone convert slow video

There are free options, but many of them have limitations and intrusive advertising. The tools we picked are user friendly and produced quality output, though not always for every format.

Some free tools nagged us to the point of distraction, so if you convert video to slow motion iphone a smooth experience without having your time wasted, the paid tools are worth the money.

to iphone video motion convert slow

Our winners in the paid and free categories produce great quality output. Speeds on modern systems are impressive and, while some tools are faster than others, most conversions are quick.

It takes longer for 4K output, but it can still be done in good time.

to slow video iphone convert motion

Thanks for reading. Table of Contents. Lots of options Free version produces usable output Fast conversion. The video you've shot lands in the Camera Roll on the phone, with all the iphoone photos and videos you've shot. Convert video to slow motion iphone the Photos icon tk get there, and then tap the selected video to watch it.

The video momentarily plays at normal speed then slows down at a point that is determined by the phone. You can lengthen or decrease the section that plays back in slow motion by tapping the screen to summon what is called a frame viewer, and then dragging the vertical bars that appear.

to iphone slow motion video convert

When these vertical lines are close to one another the video plays back at a normal speed. It plays back slowly when the lines are further apart. Meanwhile, don't be startled by the sound—when playing a segment in slow motion, the audio is slowed down, too. Find the picture in your gallery, hit edit at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the Live Photos icon at the top of the display.

Apple does provide iphonee work around - hold down on a filter and the other options will disappear, leaving just your selection alongside the gideo view. Sliding your convert video to slow motion iphone side to side allows you to switch between normal view vireo your filter of choice, allowing you to see how it changes the scene.

slow iphone video motion to convert

From here you can apply the same filters that are available in the camera app. Portrait mode also offers a selection of different lighting effects, allowing you to create a more striking shot. You can simply select the lighting option you want by scrolling the cube icon at convert video to slow motion iphone bottom of the viewfinder.

Turn Your Phone into a Powerful Storytelling Tool. A woman walks along a mountain ridge shooting video of the picturesque . Choose 4k or p resolution. Adjust frames per second for cinema to slow-mo (varies by device) Details . Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot floating in the air while stabilizing iPhone video.

If you're struggling to decide which lighting effect to use, don't worry, as you can switch zlow all the options after you've taken the picture. Tap 'Edit' below the image and you'll be greeted with the same lighting options - allowing you to quickly revert the previous effect. Apple Photo Walk What is it?

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Anyone who wants to improve their iPhone or iPad photography How long is it? The whole session is about 90 minutes How often are they? Generally weekly from key Apple Stores How much does it cost?

News:Note: While shutter speed and ISO can be manually adjusted on iPhone, the aperture is fixed. When either The exposure button will change to a yellow AE, indicating it is in auto mode. Alternatively . SLOW SHUTTER / MOTION BLUR. Motion Select the Favorites filters category in the photo / video editor. Long press.

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